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Seeds of Promise Mission

Seeds of Promise (SOP) is a cohort-based mentoring model that supports positive male development and provides intensive engagement and wrap around support services, in efforts to improve outcomes and change the narrative of young males of color.

Our Vision

To change the outcome of the narrative of poor academic achievement, lack of socio-economic opportunity, the school to prison pipeline and death or incrimination through violence for young males of color.

Program Components

Daily personal morning check-ins 

Check-ins occur each morning between mentors and his assigned seed cohort. Upon the seed’s arrival to school each day, mentors track attendance, using an attendance sheet.

Weekly goal setting with seeds and tracking/monitoring of progress

Based off of the previous week’s performance, conversations with seeds, and meetings with teachers and/or families, mentors coach seeds in setting goals for the week. Goals may be academic, behavioral or personal. Progress towards goals are tracked and monitored each week by both seeds and mentors.

Academic monitoring and support

In efforts to support seeds academically, mentors provide in-class support, including classroom check-ins and student observations, and individualized assistance with assignments, as well as tutoring and overall accountability with completion of assignments.

Male empowerment group sessions 

Using dedicated curricula along with other supplemental resources, and also lifting up current events relevant to issues facing African American boys and men, mentors facilitate group sessions with their respective seeds cohorts at least twice per week. In addition to these sessions, mentors may incorporate guest speakers, recreational time, and college and career exposure opportunities. 

Home visits 

Mentors will conduct a minimum of three home visits during the school year for each assigned seed in his cohort- at the beginning of the school year, beginning of second semester and at the end of the school year. Other home visits may be conducted as needed, based upon attendance, grades and other situations that may arise warranting one.

Referrals to mental health services, substance abuse counseling and/or treatment, employment assistance, and other support resources and services 

Students are referred to in-house resource partners, including the school therapist, social worker, food pantry, community school coordinator, as well as other external partnering programs. All referrals for internal or outsourced resources will be tracked by SOP mentors. 

Quarterly group outings and/or team building activities 

Planned quarterly outings and activities with all SOP seeds and mentors are intended to incentivize seeds and encourage personal progress, and also foster brotherhood, team building and overall strengthened relationships and accountability among the mentors and seeds.

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